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Pulpotomy Saves Child’s Tooth and Protects Gums from Bone Loss

A pulpotomy can help save a child’s tooth that is badly infected from tooth decay, preserving the function of the dental arch. A pulpotomy in children is a fairly common procedure and has an excellent rate of success.

Why is a Pulpotomy Necessary?

When small cavities are untreated, they can begin to grow deep inside of the tooth. If the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth, it irritates the pulpal tissue, causing pain and inflammation. If left untreated, the tooth will abscess, making it necessary to either remove the tooth or perform a root canal.

What Occurs During a Pulpotomy?

Depending on their levels of anxiety, a mild sedative or nitrous oxide can be given to relax them for the procedure. Next, a mild anesthetic is placed on the child’s gums to numb the area for the injected anesthetic, which is given next. After the anesthesia is administered, the pediatric dentist at your local dental office will drill into the tooth, carefully removing the surrounding tooth decay. The pulp of the tooth is then cleaned, removing any infection that has caused the irritation and inflammation. A white restoration core is then applied to fill in the holes made in the tooth during the treatment. Last, a crown is selected and sized to fit snugly on the tooth.

How Long Does the Crown Stay on the Tooth?

The crown stays on the tooth until it is ready to fall out, which usually occurs when a child is 9 to 12 years of age. Your pediatric dentist in Sherrills Ford will check your child’s crown every six months at their regular dental exams to ensure that it hasn’t become loosened.

How Can I Prepare My Child Beforehand?

Normally, a pulpotomy in children doesn’t require any preparation before the procedure. Your local dental office may recommend not eating or drinking several hours before the appointment in order to reduce the risk of your child vomiting during the procedure. You can help ease your child’s anxiety by explaining the procedure to them, encouraging your child to wear comfortable clothes and staying with them during the procedure.

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