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Tips on Dealing With Teething From Our Sherrills Ford Pediatric Dentist

Most babies start to grow teeth at the age of five months. Teething can be a stressful time for parents because children can be fussy. The Sherrills Fords pediatric dentists recommend that you do the following.

Give Them the Finger

One of the best things that you can do to bring immediate relief to your child is to allow them to suck on your finger. You can also use your finger to apply pressure to the sore gums.

Freeze the Ring

A Sherrills Fords pediatric dentist recommends that you use a teething ring. A teething ring is an inexpensive option. This can distract your child and take their mind off of the pain. The teething ring itself can also provide relief.

Dampen a Cloth

If you don’t want to use your finger to soothe your child, then you can dampen a cloth and do it. A damp cloth will provide your child with the same soothing feeling that a finger will. It is also easy for you to carry the cloth around with you.

Wipe the Drool Away

Drooling is one of the first signs of teething. The drool can cause irritation. That is why it is important for you to wipe the drool often.

Cuddle With Your Baby

Your baby needs some extra love during this time. Cuddling with your baby can soothe them. It can also give them a chance to rest.

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