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First Dental Visit: What to Expect for Your Child

Children usually get their first tooth around the age of one, and this is around the time that you should take them to see a Sherrills Ford children’s dentist. Even if going to the dentist may not be your favorite thing, it’s important that you take away any fear that your child may have about seeing a dentist.

A pediatric dentist in Sherrills Ford can help you and your child start out on the right foot with oral health and save them from oral health problems in their future. Here’s what to expect from your child’s first visit.

What to Expect From First Kids Dental Exams

Kids dental exams go a little differently than adult exams. A quality pediatric dentist in Sherrills Ford is a great place to start. Here, your child’s dentist will be calm and comforting with your little one, and the exam will go quickly.

With a first exam for a child, there’s not a lot of treatment involved. It’s mostly a chance for your son or daughter to meet their dentist and get used to sitting in the chair and opening wide. Often, the dentist will ask you as the parent to accompany your child into the dentist’s office. You can sit nearby and listen or hold your child’s hand while the session takes place.

Treatment During the First Visit

As stated, there won’t be a lot of treatment during this first visit with your child’s dentist. To the contrary, it will be mostly smiles, talking and laughter. Your dentist will look inside your child’s mouth for a few minutes just to make sure the new teeth are coming in fine and to check the gums for health issues.

In addition to the teeth and gums, the dentist will check out the alignment of your child’s teeth and look for any other jaw or oral issues that may be present. Teeth that are present at the time of the appointment will be checked and cleaned. There will probably be a little lesson at the end of the session in which the dentist will talk to you and your child about how to brush, floss and rinse and how often to do each of these things. You should also make an appointment for your next visit.