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The Importance of Recall Prophy Procedures in Children Explained by Our Pediatric Dentist

What Can You Expect At A Regular Pediatric Dental Visit?

As the parent, it is your responsibility to schedule your child’s first dental visit with a pediatric dentist at your local dental office.

When is a Pediatric Dentist Recommended?

A pediatric dentist is recommended for children aged six months to 19 years old. After the initial visit, the pediatric dentist policy is to schedule recall prophy for children.

When Should I Schedule the First Visit?

Your child’s first visit to our Sherrills Ford pediatric dentist should be scheduled after the first tooth comes in but before he or she turns one year old. Beginning dental care at this age is perfect and will ensure that the pediatric dentist knows your child’s natural oral health. This way, any abnormalities in the future can be spotted right away and treated.

What The Dentist Will Do:

  • Check for tooth decay
  • Give you tips for cleaning your child’s teeth
  • Recommend diet and fluoride needs based on the pediatric dental association
  • Recommend oral hygiene products

The Importance of a Pediatric Dentist

This is where your child’s dental history will begin and sets the foundation for good oral hygiene for the rest of his life. If you change dentists due to a move or any other reason, the new dentist can request your child’s dental care history from this first dentist. Once your child is out of his teen years, the records will be transferred to his regular dentist.

When To Request An Earlier Dental Appointment For Your Child

1. If your child complains about oral pain between dental visits, you should schedule a dental appointment if you’re not already scheduled to see the dentist very soon.

2. If there is an accident and your child chips, or loses a tooth or in any other way damages his teeth or gums. If a tooth gets knocked out, hold it by the crown and try to reinsert it, or place it in a glass of milk and take it with your child to his pediatric dentist’s local dental office.

3. You can also request a dental sealant or fluoride treatments to protect and preserve your child’s teeth and prevent cavities from forming.

When Will the Pediatric Dentist Schedule Visits More Closely Together?

1. Recall prophy for children may be more frequent if a child doesn’t pass the regular six-month checkup.

2. If a treatment can’t be completed at the regular six-month checkup, then another appointment will be scheduled.

3. If there is an infection or severe pain, medicine may be placed in the tooth or you may have to give your child regular doses of an antibiotic for a few days before he can go back in and have the treatment completed.