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Tooth colored fillings are the best way to combat cavities in a healthy and aesthetically-pleasing way. As your local pediatric dentist, we’re happy to provide fillings for kids teeth.

Composite Fillings Explained

Composite fillings are made of an exceptionally strong and moldable resin material. The resin is easily shaped and tinted to match your child’s teeth.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

There are a number of reasons why composite, tooth colored fillings make the perfect fillings for kids teeth.

  • Composite fillings look so natural that only the dentist will even be able to spot them. Amalgam fillings, meanwhile, are metallic in color, considerably altering he appearance of your child’s smile.
  • The strong resins of composite fillings help prevent tooth decay.
  • Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings lack mercury, which research suggests is potentially-harmful.

How Fillings are Performed

  • Your local pediatric dentist will begin by cleaning the area around your child’s tooth.
  • The dentist will then layer the soft resin onto the affected tooth.
  • The dentist will sculpt the moldable resin over the area, giving it a totally natural look.
  • A special light is used to harden the resin material and secure it in place.
  • The area is polished a final time, then the procedure is finished.

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