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Every parent wants to hear sounds of their child breathing softly in their sleep, or a sigh from time to time. However, in some cases, you might instead hear the sound teeth grinding. Besides, your child might also complain of jaw soreness immediately after waking up or pain while chewing. Fortunately, you can always come to us while looking for answers on how to stop teeth grinding for kids. Our dentist can advise you on the various types of dental night guards.

Effects of Bruxism

Although some children might not suffer any side effects from teeth grinding, others may experience headaches and earaches. In extreme cases, teeth grinding might lead to worn-out enamel and sensitivity. Our dentist will recommend a dental mouth guard for kids and talk to you about maintenance tips.

Types of Dental Night Guards

Notably, different kids might have varying needs. Similarly, there are different types of dental mouth guards for kids to choose from. Our qualified dentist can help you pick the best dental guard for your child.

1. Soft Night Guard
A soft dental mouth guard for kids is ideal if your child is not a severe teeth grinder. They are quite comfortable and easy for your child to get used to.

2. Dual Laminated Night Guards
These night guards are soft on the inside but hard on the outside. They are a good choice if your child experiences heavy clenching and grinding.

3. Hard Night Guards
As the name suggests, these night guards are harder than the other types. They are made of acrylic, and consequently, quite durable.

You don’t need to stress over how to stop teeth grinding for kids. Contact us today for state of the art pediatric dental care.