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Benefits of Dental X-rays And Exams

X-rays are often included with a dental exam. A dental x-ray allows the dentist to get a better view of the teeth, gums, tissue and bones. A local pediatric dentist may not be able to see some dental issues during a manual exam.

Is It Safe to Get a Dental X-ray?

I used to wonder whether it was safe to get dental x-rays. I had the best pediatric dentists near me tell me that there was no need to worry about getting x-rays because they are safe. Many people are concerned about the radiation. However, dental x-rays do not emit a significant amount of radiation. Digital x-rays emit 90 percent less radiation than regular dental x-rays. Your child will also wear a vest in order to protect them from the radiation.

How Often Does Your Child Need to Get Dental X-rays?

Your dentist will tell you often your child needs dental x-rays and exams. There are some children who will need a dental exam once every few years. Others will need to get one every year. Your child’s oral health is one of the factors that will determine how often they need x-rays.

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