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What Is Panoramic Dental Imaging?

Panoramic dental imaging involves taking broad pictures of the jaws, teeth and nasal area. It is often used along with periapical x-rays and bitewing x-rays. It is safe for your child to get panoramic x-rays.

Why Are Panoramic X-Rays Used?

Panoramic x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool. It can be used to diagnose serious dental issues, such as deep cavities, TMJ and gum disease. A local pediatric dentist may recommend panoramic x-rays in order to access jaw growth and development. Most children will get their first panoramic x-ray around the age of seven or eight.

Children will likely get their second panoramic x-ray around the age of 12. Additionally, a local pediatric dentist may recommend another panoramic x-ray around the age of 17.


There is nothing that you will need to do in order to prepare to get panoramic x-rays. However, metal and jewelry will need to be removed prior to the procedure. Your child will also have to wear a thyroid guard while getting the x-rays taken.

Benefits of Panoramic X-rays

Your child may need a panoramic x-ray after their new patient dental exam. This x-ray will not cause your child discomfort because the film is placed inside of a machine. The machine will move around your child’s head.

If your child is in need of a new patient dental exam, then you can contact us.