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A trip to the local pediatric dentist can be a traumatizing, challenging event for some children. Despite these challenges, dental health is essential. One solution for this complicated problem is the use of sedatives to reduce dental anxiety in kids. A sedation dentist for kids can help keep children healthy without causing needless stress and anxiety.

Why Sedation is Sometimes Necessary

There are a number of reasons why a sedation dentist for kids might be necessary.

  • The child requires a lengthy, complicated procedure.
  • The child is especially scared of the dentist.
  • The child struggles to sit still.
  • The child has special needs.

Types of Sedatives

Not all cases call for the same type of sedatives. Here are some of the options a local pediatric dentist has to reduce dental anxiety in kids.

  • Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” is applies through a mask and serves as a mild sedative.
  • An IV sedative is passed directly into the child’s bloodstream via a needle, allowing the dentist to sedate the child for a longer period of time.
  • Oral sedatives are taken through the mouth or nose, and will keep a child drowsy and relaxed during a procedure.

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