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Designed to fill spaces that missing teeth leave behind, space maintainers help promote proper tooth development. Retainers for kids are custom-fitted, which ensures personalized results. In addition to protecting premature teeth, space maintainers also help maintain the structure of your smile.

Are Pediatric Teeth Retainers Right For Your Child?

A consultation with your pediatric dentist will let you know if retainers for kids are a viable option for your child. However, the list below will help you identify if your kid is a candidate.

  • Lost a tooth prematurely
  • Childhood tooth extraction to prevent further decay
  • Improper tooth development caused by damaged teeth

Benefits Of Retainers For Kids

Pediatric teeth retainers promise numerous benefits, and you’ll find some of these perks listed below.

  • Encourages proper eruption of adult teeth
  • Lessens the needs for braces
  • Involves little to no discomfort
  • Keeps teeth in place

Local Dentist For Kids You Can Trust

With our years of experience as a local dentist for kids, we know how to keep your child’s smile in perfect condition. If you think that space maintainers may be a good fit for your child, contact us today to learn more about this personalized dental treatment.