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Tooth extractions can take place for a number of reasons with both baby teeth and permanent teeth needing to be removed for different reasons. When you contact our kids dentist near me, you will usually be concerned about the state of your child’s teeth and want to move forward with an oral evaluation and the treatment plan our pediatric dentist recommends.

What to Expect when a Tooth is Extracted

There are many reasons why a member of your family will require a tooth to be extracted by our kids dentist near me. Whether an orthodontist recommends tooth extractions to make space for teeth to grow into place and some form of orthodontic treatment to begin or a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair, we have the skills to improve your dental health.

Whether you are using a local anesthetic or IV sedation, you will be put at ease by our team to leave you and your child with a high level of confidence. Our Sherrills Ford NC pediatric dentist will use an elevator to loosen the tooth to be extracted before using forceps to complete the extraction.

After Extraction Care

After our dentist has extracted your tooth, you may feel some pain with swelling around the area of the extraction. To decide this, you can use ice to ease the discomfort and raise your head while resting in the hours following any tooth extractions.

Let’s talk about your next dental procedure with our Sherrills Ford NC pediatric dentist available to handle your oral care needs.